*** New Update: We have not receive approval form the Diocesan Office of Emergency Preparedness for beginning Weekday Masses.  Therefore we will not be able to begin Weekday Masses on Tuesday May 26th. We will accretion address the  case of the delay, and provide updates on when we can resume.  *****

Message to Parish on resuming Masses

Hello All, and greetings in Christ,

Hopefully all are doing well.

In light of all the news about the gradual opening of the State,  I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know where we are in this  effort for Holy Infant.

We have received directions from the Diocese of Richmond on the required procedures; available at the following website:

Or click button 

In light of many of the requirements in these  new directions, we have chosen to delay our opening of weekend Masses.   On the first hand, most of our parishioners, and nearly all of our lay volunteers that we would need to rely on to deliver the requirements, are in the high risk category, so they are not likely to be available.   Some of the requirements are rather daunting to prepare for in the short term.  We do anticipate using the next few weeks to address making preparations, so that we can resume Weekend Masses

On a smaller scale Father Michael, has decided to resume Weekdays Masses on Tuesday only, starting next week,Tuesday May 26th at 10:00 AM.  All who wish to attend these Masses will need to notify Father Micheal of their intent to attend.  Parishioners who attend will need to arrive thirty minutes early, at 9:30 to be interviewed and seated by Deacon Paul.

Some of the highlights of the requirements are as follows:

All who attend Mass (over the age of three) will be required to where a PPE mask at all times. The only exceptions are for the Music Canter while singing, and the Priest While reciting the liturgy, and for the parishioners at the moment of consuming the Host.

All parishioners will be seated with six feet of spacing between them.  The only exclusion here is for families that are from the same households.  What this basically means for our church, and the pew seating arrangement, is one person in the pew and one person in the extra chair at the other end next to the pew.  Unless of course those who are in the pew together are housing together.  Also every other pew row will be left empty.   We will also make similar arrangements in the hall.

Parishioners will need to arrive early to be interviewed and seated.  The interview will include the following questions:

Have you or anyone in your household had a fever in the past two weeks?
Do you or anyone in your household have a new cough or new shortness of breath?
Have you come into contact with anyone who is positive with COVID-19 in the past two weeks?

Then contact details will be recorded for possible contact tracing; should someone turn up with COVID-19, who attended Mass,

To minimize violating six foot social distancing parishioners will be seated starting from the front most available seating to the rear most seating. Then after dismissal, the church will dismissed from the rear seating to the front seating.  Also to minimize social distancing encroachment, parishioners will be asked to refrain from using the restroom.

There will be no congressional singing, only the cantor.

Keep in mind these are just the highlights, and the rest of the more detailed requirements will be followed to ensure safe conditions for all.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we can put together the requirements to resume a normal Mass schedule, and hopefully some of the restrictions will be alleviated.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or worries.  We are a family together in God’s Love.

Brad Akers

COVID-19 Response 

Holy Infant Catholic Church