Holy Infant Catholic Church

Mission Statement

This Page contains our Cluster Vision and Mission Statements; as well as our Parish Mission Statement. Our parish mission statement has been in place for several years, and it's about time for its renewal. We are currently in the process of renewing our Mission statement for the Parish, and will be asking the parish to provide the elements. This will allow everyone to be a partner to our mission, and afford everyone the chance to own it. Keep watching for when we start this campain in the coming months so you can be a part of it!

Vision Statement

The Catholic parishes of Holy Infant and Shepherd of the Hills, established in the Diocese of Richmond to cater to the spiritual needs of the Catholics in Elkton and Quinque and the surrounding areas and of visiting Catholics,seek to become communities whose members, individually and communally, inspired by the Holy Spirit and nourished through the sacraments, truly embrace the Christian faith and really practice the teachings and values of Jesus Christ as found in the gospels and taught and preached by His Church.

Cluster Mission Statement

We, the parishioners of the Holy Infant Catholic Church and the Shepherd of the Hills Catholic Church, are two clustered communities, but each possesses its own identity. Although we are administered and served by one and the same priest; we operate independentl of each other, but focus on and pursue the same vision in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration. United in faith, and empowered by the same Holy Spirit; we endeavor to proclaim our Lord Jesus to one another, and to other people. through our God-oriented individual lives and community life and Christ-centered programs and activities, such as the celebration of the sacraments, the different ministries, religious education, outreach programs, stewardship, hospitality, fellowship.

Parish Mission Statement of the Holy Infant Catholic Church

"On coming to the house, they (Magi) saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him" Mt 2:11We, the Spirit-filled members of the Holy Infant Catholic community that was founded in 1951 as a Redemptorist mission to reach out to the Catholics in Elkton (VA) and in neighboring towns, are committed as a parish to actively participate, using the diverse gifts of its individual members, in the mission Jesus has entrusted to His Church--to proclaim Him to everyone in word and in deed. Dedicated to the Holy Infant who was adored by peoples of all races and from all walks of life--Jews, non-Jews, shepherds, kings, our parish welcomes and serves everyone and our church continues to be a spiritual center where members and visitors together experience the spirit of true friendship and love and where people can enhance their Christian and spiritual lives through meaningful liturgy, youth and adult education, and service-oriented activities.