Mission Statement

This Page contains our Parish Mission Statement. along with our Cluster Vision and Mission Statements with Shepherd of the Hills.

Mission  Statement renewal project:

Our parish mission statement has been in place for several years, and it's been agreed that we need to renew the mission with the Parish.  In the process of renewing our Mission statement, we have gathered multiple phrase ideas from our parishioners.  Now we need to narrow those suggestions into a short list that can be applied into a simple memorize-able statement .   Again, to foster parish ownership of the mission statement , we would like to poll the parishioners on their favorite five phrases from the list below.  Using that shortlist we will form a Parish mission statement.

This is the list of phrase recommendations received from the parish.  Please choose 5 items and rank them 1 through 5 with 1 being your favorite. You can either email the ranked choices  to brad@holyinfant-elkton.org, or use the submission form (below, to the right of the list). Please also include your name.

Thank You.


​1 -   Hospitality, especially to visitors.

2 -   Prayerfulness

3 -   Care for Poor

4 -   Boldly proclaim God’s love

5 -   Courageously speak God’s truth

6 -   Humbly live as Jesus did

7 -   Welcoming the lost and live lives of merciful compassion

8 -   Catholic Outreach

9 -   Faith Filled

10 - You Do it

11-  We Serve

12 -  Holy Infant Church provides (is to provide) a continuing, visible presence of our effective and supportive Catholic community in this portion of the Shenandoah Valley.

13 -  HOLY INFANT CATHOLIC CHURCH is a family committed to welcome all new and old seeking to grow in faith, worship, sacramental life, and teaching of the Catholic Church

14 -  We endeavor to seek holiness, justice, and love as disciples of Jesus, tasked with the work of evangelization.

15 -   brothers and sisters in Jesus, nourished by the Eucharist, united in The Holy Spirit, and dedicated to the worship  and praise of God

16 -   Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus in words, deeds, and the manner in which we live our daily lives.

17 -   Foster the spiritual development of young and old through religious education.

18 -   Encourage active stewardship through the sacrificial giving of time, talent, and harvest.

19 -   Call all members of our parish family to take part in the many ministries our church family provides.

20 -   Reach out to our sister parish, The Shepherd Of The Hills, so we might better serve our respective communities, experience the joys of an extended family, and jointly support the needs of our priest.

21 -   Celebrate our special calling to be a spiritual home away from home to travelers visiting our beautiful valley.  Endeavor to seek ways to better welcome and serve them.

22 -   Stand in firm affirmation for the sanctity of the seamless garment which is life.

23 -   Seek opportunities to meet the needs of our parish members, the local Elkton community, and surrounding areas.

24 -   Develop and nurture our relationship with St Isidore, our twin parish on the Island of La Gonave, Haiti and other communities far from our shores.

25 -   Love the Lord Our God with all our heart, soul, and mind.

26 -   Love our neighbor and ourselves, seeing in all the face of Jesus and the unity we have as children of God.

27 -   To lift up always the need to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, visit those who are ill and imprisoned.

28 -   First and foremost be a family of believers who strive to walk closer with Our Lord proclaiming His kingdom on earth.

29 -   A family committed to welcome all new and old seeking to grow in faith, worship and sacramental life and teaching of the Catholic Church.

30 -   We endeavor to seek holiness, justice and love as disciples of Jesus, tasked with the work of evangelization.​

Cluster Vision Statement:
The Catholic parishes of Holy Infant and Shepherd of the Hills, established in the Diocese of Richmond to cater to the spiritual needs of the Catholics in Elkton and Quinque and the surrounding areas and of visiting Catholics,seek to become communities whose members, individually and communally, inspired by the Holy Spirit and nourished through the sacraments, truly embrace the Christian faith and really practice the teachings and values of Jesus Christ as found in the gospels and taught and preached by His Church.

Cluster Mission Statement:
We, the parishioners of the Holy Infant Catholic Church and the Shepherd of the Hills Catholic Church, are two clustered communities, but each possesses its own identity. Although we are administered and served by one and the same priest; we operate independentl of each other, but focus on and pursue the same vision in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration. United in faith, and empowered by the same Holy Spirit; we endeavor to proclaim our Lord Jesus to one another, and to other people. through our God-oriented individual lives and community life and Christ-centered programs and activities, such as the celebration of the sacraments, the different ministries, religious education, outreach programs, stewardship, hospitality, fellowship.

Parish Mission Statement of the Holy Infant Catholic Church. (current/previous statement)

"On coming to the house, they (Magi) saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him" Mt 2:11We, the Spirit-filled members of the Holy Infant Catholic community that was founded in 1951 as a Redemptorist mission to reach out to the Catholics in Elkton (VA) and in neighboring towns, are committed as a parish to actively participate, using the diverse gifts of its individual members, in the mission Jesus has entrusted to His Church--to proclaim Him to everyone in word and in deed. Dedicated to the Holy Infant who was adored by peoples of all races and from all walks of life--Jews, non-Jews, shepherds, kings, our parish welcomes and serves everyone and our church continues to be a spiritual center where members and visitors together experience the spirit of true friendship and love and where people can enhance their Christian and spiritual lives through meaningful liturgy, youth and adult education, and service-oriented activities.

​​​​​Holy Infant Catholic Church