Father Michaels Weekly Thoughts

​​​​Holy Infant Catholic Church


             Dear friends, welcome to the Eucharistic celebration of this 19th Sunday in Ordinary as well as the first Sunday in the Month of August.  Last Sunday we meditated on the Gifts, Possessions, Blessings and Talents God showered upon us and as individuals. They are meant to be shared with others in need as well as in building the Body of Christ- the Church. Possessions should never take control of ourselves; but meant to be shared and sharing them will determine our glory with God.

            The First Reading of this Sunday; Wis. 18:6-9 speaks of that night of exodus from bondage in Egypt when God delivered his people from bondage and death.

The Second Reading Heb. 11:1-2, 8-19 speaks of Abraham’s faith in God that made him a great Patriarch and icon in faith.

            The Gospel Lk. 12:32-48 we hear Jesus speaks of Preparedness for all called to be his disciples. “It will go well with those servants whom the Master finds wide awake. Should he happen to come at midnight or before sunrise and finds them prepared, it will go well with them.” It is more or less like the motto for the Scouts; “Be prepared.”  We as disciples of Jesus need to be prepared- that is be well dressed in our sand best or wedding garment of grace as we wait to meet the host at the party in heaven. We need to be hopeful and faithfully awaiting for the arrival of our host- Jesus. Many Saints in particular Martyrs found themselves ready to bear witness to Christ.

            Our life on earth is very short compared to the eternity waiting for us. It is meant to prepare us for eternity. The best preparation is to live a life of faith like the one of Abraham as well as the Canaanite woman we heard of in the Gospel.

It is indeed living the life of love and sharing the basic resources with the needy or those who have little or nothing at all.   The many blessings, gifts, and possessions we received are meant to be shared with those less fortunate. They are meant for the building up of the Body of Christ.

            May this Eucharistic celebration help us to be readily prepared to meet the Lord as we journey to Eternity.  Let us make the effort to share the gift of faith, blessings and other talents as one aspect of being in the State of Grace.

Have a great Week!