Weekly Thoughts 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time August 1, 2021

Dear Friends, welcome to the first Sunday in August and the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time.  Let us be thankful to God for his gracious blessing over the past month of July.  May we be open to his guidance of the Spirit.  Let us also continue to pray for Gina Bing, Rachel and Matthew for the loss in death of Richard Jefferson Bing.  Let us also pray for the healing of our sick brothers and sisters at home and in hospital care.

We are aware of the new strain of the corona virus and cases in our communities on the rise.  Let us be very cautious as we endeavor to follow the guidelines put in place to control the spread of the virus.

The Gospel reading of this Sunday John 6: 24-35 tells us about the people who had been fed with the miraculous multiplication of bread.  These followed Jesus in need of more bread to satisfy their hunger.  Jesus lays the truth before them; "You look for me not for the signs but you ate the loaves and were filled.  You are not spiritually hungry where it matters; "Work for the food that endures to eternal life given by the Son of Man. Believe in the one he sent."

Jesus offers himself to us - the true food in the Eucharist as bread and drink for the nourishment of our Spiritual life.

Let us seek true health by partaking of the Eucharist as we feed from Jesus the bread on our journey to eternity.

Have a great week.


Weekly thoughts from Father Michael

​​​Holy Infant Catholic Church