​​​Holy Infant Catholic Church

Weekly thoughts from father Michael and this week's Homily (posted after Sunday's mass)


My dear Friends, Welcome to this 25th Day of the Lord in Ordinary Time. Let us be thankful to God for his love and abiding providence. In the gospel reading of last Sunday, Jesus demands forgiveness as requirement and quality of life for anyone called to be a disciple of Jesus. The ability to forgive and ask for forgiveness heals and makes one strong, free and peaceful with God and other people.

In the Gospel Reading of this Sunday we hear Jesus emphasizing another quality of generosity to anyone called to be a disciple of Jesus. This quality- generosity is very central in the life of Jesus. Failure to be generous leads one to selfishness and anger that are counterproductive to peace, love and harmony in society or a family.

In this parable of the hired workers in the garden, the Land owner- God pays each worker a day’s wage.  Jesus endeavors to teach us, his disciples, God’s generosity to us all called to be the disciples of Jesus and workers in his vineyard.

Our goal no matter how long one has toiled is Salvation that is graciously and generously given to us. Our effort should therefore be on helping and being our brothers and sisters to attain salvation our goal.

Generosity should be the cause of our joy and rejoicing- not resentment. God’s standards are just, gracious and generous. Let us learn to do likewise and should desist to succumb to anger and resentment as they are destructive and tear apart God’s people or the Church. Let us celebrate God’s generosity and grace when it is in action- various gifts in the work of evangelization- building the Body of Christ- the Church.

My gratitude and thanks go to Holy Infant Church for your Contribution of $538.00 towards the Retired Religious for the year 2019.

Shepherd of the Hills contributed $491.00. Let us support generously the Special Collection for the Retired Religious due on the Weekend of September 26th -27th 2020.   Have a great Week