​​​​Holy Infant Catholic Church

Father Michaels Weekly Thoughts


Dear Friends, today we arrive at the Second Sunday of Ordinary time. Last Sunday, we celebrated the Baptism of the Lord to which we also share in Christ’s role as Priest, Prophet and King. These roles and functions are meant to serve the Body of Christ- the Church.

The Gospel Reading for us today continues to reveal Jesus as the Son of God sent to redeem mankind. Jesus had started his public ministry of proclaiming the kingdom of God. The Gospel Reading from John 2:1-12 tells us about Jesus’ first miracle or sign at the wedding at Cana. This event is recited in the Mysteries of Light. We mediate on the generosity and divine power of Jesus.

Weddings as in the present time are social and family functions of love, joy and merry making. They are occasions to find a best dish or food, drink and music. Jesus, his disciples and Mary had been invited to the wedding. We are told Jewish weddings lasted for 7 days.

Mary as an invited guest noticed the shortage of wine. She intervened by approaching Jesus her son to save the couple from embarrassment. Jesus’ response to Mary; “Why should you involve me? My time has not yet come.” Mary approached the servants who had probably expressed the concern to Mary, “Do whatever he tells you.”

We see here Mary’s formidable faith in Jesus. Fortunately the servants carried out whatever Jesus told them. The Family of the groom must have been filled with great joy and gratitude for the wine that would last them for some days.

We are told that by this miracle, Jesus revealed his glory and his disciples believed in him as the Messiah sent by God.

Let us take seriously Mary’s intercessory role in our lives and shortage of anything and now as the entire world is battling with the covid pandemic. Mary counsels; “Do whatever he tells you.” Let us pray for the spirit of listening to the voice of Jesus and the courage to act accordingly with faith to what Jesus is telling us.

Have a great week.